Water Landscaping for Cheap in Calgary

Many consumers are a little concerned about installing a water feature in Calgary. Some are concerned about the price they will end up paying for design and installation. They assume that the cost will be very high for the design and for the materials that are needed to construct a water landscape. A rule of thumb that many consumers are familiar with is that the labor costs are basically equal to the cost of the materials and they just do not want to pay so much for a beautiful water landscape that would transform their yard.

Access to their back yards is another concern that many will have as well. They do not want to ruin existing landscaping or encroach on their neighbor’s yard to gain access to theirs. If it is a wet year, lawns can be ruined and deep ruts can be created by equipment going back and forth. There might even be damage to nearby shrubs and trees as well.

Then there is the maintenance of the water landscape once it is installed. Until they really look into it, they may assume that support and maintenance is both time consuming and expensive if you hire someone to do the work for you. All of this adds up to many consumers forgoing a project that can add a lot of value to their yards, increase their homes value and provide a great deal of enjoyment as well to them.

Can water landscaping be completed cheaply in Calgary?

The answer is definitely yes and the folks at Water Landscapes Design have perfected an approach that keeps the cost for design, installation and maintenance to minimum while providing a beautiful transformation to a customer’s yard. Here is how they do it.

First of all they have a lot of experience and they have many pictures that were taken from previous projects that they have completed. Customers can choose from these picture and utilize an existing design that is already completed and ready to be implemented. There may be some find tuning required to accommodate your yards requirements but these usually represent minimal costs.

They have also packaged up several landscapes that include the design, the installation, a number of features and warranty all for a low fixed price. This makes it much easier for a consumer to budget and plan for a water feature. As long as you stick with the basic design your costs are known well in advance and they will not vary.

The folks at Water Landscape Design Calgary are in the business of landscaping. They understand how important it is to customers to have a beautiful attractive property that adds value to their home. They know that curb appeal plays a big role in the value of the home as well. That is why they take special precautions to protect all existing landscaping and if something needs to be moved or repaired to gain access to the area where the water landscape is to be installed, they will discuss this with you ahead of time and how repairs will be made. The same applies to encroaching on your neighbor’s lawn if this needed. Many homes are quite close together and we definitely do not want to ruin relationships between neighbors. In fact they may like your water landscape so much and the job that was completed, they may become future customers!

Maintenance Packages Are Available

Maintenance is always a concern. Consumers want their water landscape to remain pristine and continue to add enjoyment for many years. The plants that are part of your water landscape are living things that grow and need maintenance. Wind can sometimes blow debris into your pond or stream that must be removed. Water quality should be maintained to provide clear water that is healthy for the plants around it. With Calgary winters being what they are, water landscapes are usually closed down for the winter and then reopened in the spring.

Some consumers prefer to do everything themselves while others prefer to have all maintenance completed by the folks at Water Landscapes Design Calgary.  Either approach is fine with us and in fact there are a number of maintenance packages available for customers to chose the amount of work they would like to do vs. the amount that the team will do for them.

Consumers can really consider a water landscape that is cheap in Calgary by managing the amount of maintenance work they do themselves. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your new water landscape.

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