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Water Landscapes Design Calgary also offers water landscapes design, construction and maintenance services in the Edmonton area of Alberta. Many customers in Edmonton have seen some of our work on our web site through some of the videos as well as the gallery of pictures and are expressing interest in our company designing and building water landscapes for them.

What is the Process?

Most of our potential customers have either seen a water landscape at someone’s home or they may have seen pictures on our web site or someone else’s. They decide that they also would like to have something similar and decide to ask for more information about possible designs and the cost of building a water feature.

They begin by making a call to us and providing to us over the phone with some ideas of what they would like based on their vision so that our designers can come to their home better equipped to provide them with examples of our portfolios that match their vision. Gradually the vision becomes a design as decisions are made regarding lighting, style, design, your needs, the size of your property and your budget. The location of the water feature will be chosen to provide the customer with the maximum of enjoyment visually and also supporting animal and bird life if desired.

Once the design is completed it is time to measure and plan the details of the layout and the materials required to build your water landscape. At this point our designers can provide you with a conceptual design and a price quote. If further discussion, tweaking of the design etc are needed this can be accommodated to ensure that the final product meets all of your requirements including your budget.

Once the design is completed and the quote accepted, the team will use ground paint to map out exactly where the water feature will be located providing a final visual for your review prior to construction beginning. We follow this same process with our customers in Calgary and Edmonton to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.

Installation of your water feature in Edmonton will be started once all materials are available and weather permitting. Actual construction dates could vary based on availability and the cooperation of the weather.

Maintenance of Your Water Feature

Whether you are in Calgary or Edmonton, maintenance of your water feature is pretty much the same. The system must be closed in the fall and reopened in the spring. Routine maintenance must be completed at various times throughout the year to ensure that the water quality is sufficient to maintain plants and keep the water clear. From time to time the wind may blow debris such as leaves and small twigs into your water feature depending on the proximity of trees and shrubs.

Plants surrounding your water feature or even in the ponds may need to be trimmed or cut back to maintain the overall look and beauty of your water feature. The water PH level should be maintained as well to an optimum level for the plants and any fish that may be part of your water feature.

All of the work can be completed by the home owner, however many consumers would prefer that the service team from water landscape design do this work for them. They have included a number of maintenance packages as part of their offering to accommodate all customers in terms of the amount of work they wish to do themselves vs. the work they want to have completed by our team.

These plans are very flexible and should accommodate just about every requirement that most owners in Edmonton will have. Many owners like our team to close the water feature properly in the fall and reopen it in the spring to ensure that everything is done properly. The home owner will then sometimes complete all of the regular maintenance themselves.

Give Us a Call Today to Get Started.

After taking the time to review some of the pictures and videos in our gallery give us a call to set up an appointment. We will come to your home and discuss your requirements and begin the process to turn your vision into reality.

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