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Many consumers in Edmonton and Calgary would like to do something with their backyards to make them more enjoyable and also attractive to nature. For some people it is the standard landscaping which looks nice but really does not garner many comments when people come to visit. Their friends will tell them that it looks nice, but you can tell that they are not really that excited. Straight forward landscaping is just the thing to do and everybody has some sort of landscaping around their yard.

Adding a water feature to your back yard is going to garner lots of comments! They are different and not many people have a water feature in their back yards. The pond water features with waterfalls or babbling brooks provide a tranquil environment for humans as well as birds and animals. Many people who have pond water feature tell us that they just love watching the many birds that come for a visit and they love the calming influence of the water as it splashes over the waterfall or down a small stream in their yards.

Your guests, friends, neighbors and family will be impressed and will want to know a lot more about your pond water feature. How did you come up with the design? Is there much work to maintaining it? What do you do in the winter time? Can you have fish in the pond and so on? We will try to answer a few of these questions, however if you live in Calgary or Edmonton, and are interested in a water feature, give us a call to set up an appointment to have all of your questions addressed.

How did you come up with the design?

The team at Water Landscapes Design Calgary have a large number of pictures and videos for people to review and gain some insight into what they would like. The design team uses an iterative process to help home owners arrive at a design that they really like, that fits with their outdoor space and also fits with their budget that they have to work with. They use a combination of the pictures, concept design and ground paint to help customers turn their vision into reality.

Is there much work to maintaining it?

There is not a lot of work to maintain your water feature. Automatic water levelers keep the water at the proper level and routine testing of the water is needed to ensure that the PH level stays within the required range. Cleaning may be needed from time to time to remove plant material and any leaves or other debris that may be blown into the pond water feature by local weather conditions. From time to time some thinning of the plants around the water feature may be needed. Consumers can do this work or take advantage of one of the maintenance packages that are available.

What do you do in the winter time?

Your water feature needs to be closed during the winter and then reopened in the spring. The pumps and pipes are removed and the water level monitor is also removed. Debris is cleaned out and plants may be trimmed or removed depending on the type of plant. In the spring, everything needs to be reinstalled and the operation of the components verified. The water level should also be tested and chemicals added if needed to bring it into the proper range. Again there is a closing and opening package available, however many customers also will do their own maintenance.

Can you have fish in the pond?

The answer is definitely yes and the design team will make sure that your pond is setup properly to accommodate fish. Water levels and water quality must be kept to the proper levels to protect your fish. They will eat the algae that naturally forms in the water, although some people may also provide fish food for them as well. In the winter time the fish will hibernate and owners only need to provide a small heater to keep the water from totally freezing. They also need to provide an air bubbler to keep the water oxygenated and this also helps to keep the water from freezing solid as well.

Fish will add a lot of opportunities for conversation with your friends and family when they come to visit along with a great deal of enjoyment. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss how you can transform your outdoor space.

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