Landscaping A Backyard With A Pond and Stream

Many consumers with backyards dream about doing something with their yards, but lack the time or the motivation or they just cannot seem to make that connection from their vision into a realistic plan. They may have seen a friends or neighbors backyard that is really attractive, but just cannot make that leap from their own plain Jane yard with grass and a fence into a personal paradise that they can enjoy every day.

Landscaping a backyard is not really that difficult when you use an expert like the folks at Water Landscape Design Calgary. If you have a general idea of what you would like for your backyard, perhaps based on someone else’s yard or a picture that you have seen, they can quickly come up with a design that fits the space you have in your backyard and employs ponds and streams to add that extra beauty and tranquility that you have been looking for.

They also make sure that landscaping a backyard with a pond and stream takes advantage of ecologically friendly, low maintenance and affordable designs.  Designs are matched to your budget while at the same time ensuring that you have a pond or stream or both that will compliment your home and add value to your home. We also know that consumers are busy with their everyday lives of work and raising families. They do not have a lot of extra time to spend on maintaining their homes, let alone maintaining backyard water landscapes. That’s why we make sure these water landscapes are low maintenance, with automatic water levelers and skimmers to catch debris.

Maintenance packages are also available for home owners who install a water landscape that offers them a variety of maintenance plans. With up to 16 visits that can be scheduled plus winter closing and spring openings, your water landscape in your backyard can be something of beauty with little personal effort. This provides more time for consumers to enjoy a small slice of nature right in their own backyard any time of the day.

How Does the Design Process Work for Landscaping A Backyard With A Pond and Stream

It begins with a phone call to our offices and setting up an appointment to visit your backyard. We will take measurements and based on the space there is to work with, we will review various potential designs that may appeal to what you have been considering. We of course will try to take into account as much as possible your requirements as well within the limits of the space available, the materials we work with and of course budget.

Once there is a general idea of the broad design of the water landscape, the next step is to prepare a plan with an estimate of materials and labor requirements so that a final estimate can be reviewed. During the review changes can be incorporated and once approved, we will use ground paint to lay out the design on the grass of your yard to provide the customer with an idea of the final location and the general layout. This ground paint also tells our foreman exactly where the pond and stream will go and how it will be laid out in your yard so that there are no misunderstandings when it comes time to actually begin the construction.

Once all of the work is completed and all cleanup has been finished, your water landscape with pool and stream is ready for display to your friends and neighbors. You will get to enjoy the serenity of having nature so close and pretty soon you will see a variety of birds using your yard as a safe sanctuary. Many people tell us they cannot believe the wildlife that show up in their yards and how much enjoyment they receive as a result.

How About Maintenance

Once we are finished landscaping a backyard with a pond and stream or perhaps even a waterfall, there is usually very little maintenance that is needed. Water levels must be maintained and this is usually done with an automatic water level monitor. In situations where there is a lot of wind, you may need to clean out debris that gets blown into the water landscape. In addition over the summer, your plants will grown and sometimes they need to be thinned out a bit to even out the growth.

In the fall, all equipment should be removed and cleaned. You may store this in your garage or basement whichever is more convenient as long as all water has been removed. In the spring a general clean up is required, the water balance should be adjusted and the water level raised to the desired level. Once all of the pumps and pipes are re-installed, your water landscape is ready for another season of providing you with enjoyment with nature in your very own backyard.

Water Landscape Design Calgary offers landscape services, design and installation in the Calgary, Edmonton or Red Deer areas. Give them a call today to set up an appointment to begin the process of designing and installing a beautiful water landscape involving ponds and streams in your backyard. Call today.

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Company To Build A Pond Water Feature in Calgary

If you are looking for a company to build a pond water feature in Calgary with or without mountain streams, waterfalls or even a pond water feature that can accommodate fish all year long, then you have come to the right place. The folks at Babbling Brooks have been designing and building all types of water features in the Calgary area for some time and have numerous pictures on this web site showing some of their work. There are also customer testimonials from satisfied customers who enjoy their water features year after year on this web site. View some of the video shots of these water features and also what customers feel about their water feature after they have been built on their property. They all seem to gain a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from their ponds, waterfalls and streams.

What is the Process That is Used to Arrive at a Final Design for a Pond Water Feature

All that is needed to begin with is to make a phone call and set up an appointment. Be prepared to answer a few questions over the phone regarding what you have in mind for a pond water feature, the size of your property and when it would be convenient to meet to discuss more details. The designer can provide some pictures that may fit what you are looking for based on this discussion and narrow the design down a bit for your initial meeting which can take place at our offices or at your home.

Once a basic design is agreed to it is time to take measurements and lay out the design on your property using ground paint to give you a better feel for what the final product will look like. Once this basic design is agreed to a final design and estimate is prepared, which can be fine tuned, to match budgets and customer requirements, but this is the time to decide if you are proceeding or not based on the final cost.

You may end up comparing prices and we certainly encourage our customers to compare. We only ask that when you are comparing pond water features or any other kind of water feature, that you compare like for like in terms of design, construction, materials used and maintenance provided. Babbling Brooks provides a great product and we are proud of the water features that are created by our teams.

Check out the Testimonials

There are testimonials on these web pages and we encourage clients to listen to them all. Not only will you see the various water landscapes that have been created, you will hear what our customers are saying about the workmanship and the final product. They all seem to get a lot of satisfaction from just spending time in their backyards enjoying the waterfalls, the rippling water in streams and the many plants and flowers that make up our water landscapes.

What Maintenance is Required

Many potential clients are concerned about maintenance of a pond water feature and whether they will be able to do the maintenance themselves or if they will need our team to look after the ponds for them.  The answer is that customers can easily do all of the maintenance work themselves or they can book up to 16 maintenance visits a year to keep their water feature absolutely pristine.

Some customers will opt for fall closing and spring opening with one or two visits during the season. The rest of the time, the clients will perform all of the required maintenance work themselves. Many people find that they get a lot of enjoyment pruning plants, adjusting plants to improve the look of their ponds and keep everything running smoothly. Sometimes there can be a lot or wind or heavy rain that might carry a lot of debris into your pond. Arrangements can be made to bring the water quality back to within the limits needed to support your plants and also clean out debris from the pool.

What Do You Do With the Fish in Your Pond During the Winter

A lot of our customers consider adding fish to their ponds and wonder what special arrangements they need to take for winter time and ensure survival of their fish through the winter. The design team will review the details with you; however the basics include not feeding the fish in the fall and installing a heater or bubbler in your pond to keep an open area of water for the fish to live in over the winter. Their metabolism drops when the water is cooler and they need very little oxygen to exist, however they obviously cannot freeze. The heaters and the air bubbler keep the water from freezing and oxygenated and your fish will survive quite nicely.

Call us today to set up an appointment. We can review your outdoor space and come up with several ideas for a pond water feature to propose to you that will fit within your budget requirements. Call us today for an appointment to begin the process of adding a pond water feature to your backyard that all your friends and relatives will enjoy and admire.

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Affordable Water Features in Calgary, Alberta

Everyone loves a beautiful water landscape when they see one in a park setting, at a company headquarters or even on someone’s property. We all appreciate the wonderful naturalness of these water features, especially those that incorporate ponds and waterfalls as part of the overall design. We may even take pictures of some of these sites and dream about what one would look like within our own yard. Babbling Brooks specializes in creating affordable water features in Calgary, Alberta for home owners who have often admired these water landscapes.

More and more home owners are considering having a water feature installed on their property and once they find out just how affordable they are, many go ahead and have one installed. If this is something that you have been considering for some time, the best way to proceed is to give them a call and arrange for an appointment. It is that easy and there is no commitment at this stage. You are exploring ideas with skilled designers who have a great deal of experience designing water features to meet just about everyone’s budget and artistic requirements.

Conceptual Design

The first step is to discuss what features you would like to have in your water landscape and how or if they will fit in the space that you have available. Large lots can accommodate larger water features, while smaller properties may have to have their water features scaled back to fit into the space available. In addition it is important to fit a home owner’s budget as well and your designer can advise you regarding the various charges and provide you with a rough estimate based on your discussions.

Many customers also like to review some of the pictures that we have taken of other properties after their water features have been completed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is definitely true when it comes to water features and adding landscapes to your property. With a picture you can begin to visualize what your own water feature may look like on your property with adjustments of course to reflect you own requirements and the specific layout of your property.

Estimate Preparation

Once the conceptual design is completed and the customer is ready to proceed to the next stage, it is time to get to the details. A design is completed and reviewed with the client. Once approved a final estimate can be prepared to provide a final price for the water feature that will be built on your property. Every effort is made to meet your design requirements while at the same time keeping the water feature affordable for the home owner.

The final design and price are agreed to and then construction can be planned. Materials need to be ordered and delivered and a date scheduled for installation to begin. This is the most exciting time for many clients. They leave for work and by the end of the day when they return major construction has taken place within your property. Depending on the size of the water feature it may take several days or even longer to complete the work. Your foreman can provide you with an estimate of how long it will take to complete all of the work. They also clean up all evidence of the construction before leaving and provide instruction regarding the operation of all water pumps, strainers etc that may be incorporated in your water feature.

Maintenance Alternatives

Many customers are concerned about maintaining their water feature after it has been installed. They are also concerned about what it might cost to have someone do the work for them. Babbling Brook has come up with a number of options in this area as well to help homeowners keep their water feature in the affordable zone.

Do it yourself home owners can certainly do all of the maintenance themselves including closing and opening the water feature in the fall and spring. During the season they can make sure that water levels are maintained by using automated water level monitors. Cleaning any debris blown in by the wind, removing or thinning aquatic plants that have become overgrown and may be blocking the flow of water etc can be accomplished by most homeowners. Many people will opt for doing some of the maintenance themselves and arranging for the Babbling Brooks maintenance team to do the remainder.

The water features are designed with minimal maintenance requirements in mind. There are a set of maintenance packages that are available for customers to choose from that range from no maintenance to as many as sixteen visits for your water feature. Every water feature will need slightly different maintenance based on the complexity and the size of the water feature. In addition if you decide for example to have a fish pond as part of the feature, winter closing will need to take this into account and an air bubbler installed to keep an open water area for the fish in your pond over the winter.

If you are interested in finding out more information about affordable water features in the Calgary area of Alberta, give us a call to arrange for an appointment.

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Backyard Pond and Pump Installation

In previous posts we have talked a lot about the design process and how important it is to work with a skilled designer to develop something that pleases the eye and adds beauty to your backyard or corporate landscape. In this post we felt that it would be helpful to readers to discuss backyard pond and pump installation issues that many readers may have questions about.

Will construction Take Very Long

Installation of your pond and pump will only take a few days for most home owners, however the length of time needed, depends on the size of your backyard pond, the weather and of course how easy or difficult it is to gain access to your backyard.

Can I use Another Landscaper for Other Areas of Our Backyard

The answer is of course yes, since we focus on water landscapes. We work with a lot of landscapers and will integrate our work with theirs to minimize disruption to your family and your yard. Our work will also compliment the efforts of other landscapers to ensure that your landscaping looks its best regardless of the vantage point.

How will you Make Sure the Water Does Not Leak From the Pond

A rubber liner is used to line the edges and bottom of the pond. This rubber liner is made from 45 mil EPDM rubber, will conform to any area and is easily flexible to accommodate just about any space. We can build a custom pond using the rubber liner which will last as long as twenty years. The liner will last much longer if it is covered by rocks or gravel providing you with many years of operation.

Once the Installation is Completed, What Maintenance Do I need to Perform

Your pond is designed with a minimum of maintenance in mind. With a combination of aquatic plants and the right mix of bacteria and aquatic animals, your pond will remain balanced and beautiful. Debris from nearby trees should be kept to a minimum. Home owners may need to clear leaves from the pond and the skimmer may need to be cleaned once a month. Your pond needs to be closed in the fall and opened in the spring. Some plants will grow vigorously and will need to be trimmed and / or cut back from time to time.

Do I need to Worry About Algae In the Pond

Algae growth depends on the sun and nutrients in the water to grow. By eliminating these two factors or at least keeping them under control, owners can control the amount of algae growing in the pond. Aquatic plants will limit the sun exposure and also consume some of these nutrients. Constructing your pond in such a manner to limit runoff from surrounding land entering the pond will also help to manage the amount of nutrients in the pond. Avoid allowing fertilizer to also enter the water to help control algae growth. Adding bacteria and maintaining circulation to add oxygen to the water will also help to control algae growth.

Should I have fish In My Pond

There is no need to have fish in your pond, however many people will add fish because they enjoy having these pets in the water. They also help to control the algae by feeding on this food source. If you intend to feed your fish, be careful to avoid feeding them too much. After all you want them to eat the algae and keep your pond clear.

Do I need to Keep the Pump Running all Winter

There is no need to keep your pump running all winter. In fact at the fall closing the pump should be removed and placed in a safe dry area until next spring. If you do have fish in your pond, an aerator to keep the water from freezing should be added. This aerator will also add oxygen to the water as well to help keep your fish alive through the winter. There is no need to feed them during the winter since their metabolism significantly declines as the water gets cold.

We have briefly covered a number of the common questions that many clients have regarding backyard pond and pump installations. More detail is available on other pages of this web site and clients can also call the number at the top of the page to speak to one of our designers or construction team members. They can address these questions in more detail and answer any other questions that you may have about installing a pond in your backyard.

If this is something you are still thinking about, the design consultant can also discuss the design process, the types of ponds and size of ponds that you may want to consider. The design process is one that they have a lot of experience with and are prepared to help customers select a pond that adds beauty and character to their yards. They will help you visualize the pond through the use of diagrams; pictures of other ponds and ground paint to show the location in your yard were the pond will be located.

Call them today for an initial consultation.

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Alberta Water Features Contractors

When consumers and business people look for Alberta water features contractors to build a landscaped water feature, they often forget that the most important part of the task is to prepare a design that adequately describes what they are really striving for and will enjoy for many years. The design work is an extremely important part of the overall challenge in building a water feature. Once you have the design then a skilled contractor can build the water feature to the plans that have been prepared.

How to Select an Alberta Water Features Contractor

We happen to believe that the selection process for a contractor should include the design activity, the kinds of materials that are being proposed, and the construction of the water feature, the overall cost of the design, along with maintenance services that are being offered. This is by far the best way to obtain the best price overall as well as work with someone who has a great deal of experience in this business.

Some consumers will be satisfied with just hiring a contractor to build the water feature for them and leave the design and maintenance up to the consumer. If you are good at design, if you can transfer your ideas to paper and visualize the final result and if you can communicate this design to a contractor to build it exactly the way you have planned, then this approach can be successful.

While this may work for some customers, many prefer to have assistance in designing a landscape with water features that will compliment their outdoor space, build it for them and provide maintenance packages to help them maintain their water landscape. The combination of reviewing pictures of other water landscapes and the expert knowledge of the designer will greatly assist the customer in coming up with a final design. The experience of designing and building many water landscapes translates into knowing what looks great and what does not, and what works in some backyards and what does not. This is experience you really why you hire a design and contracting team.

Water Feature Contractors also Offer Maintenance Plans

In addition to designing and constructing water features, many contractors will also offer maintenance plans to owners of water landscapes. There are a variety of packages that range from full seasonal maintenance to annual closings and openings only. These packages will be interesting to a variety of consumers who prefer to have a hands off approach and leave it up to the professionals to keep their water feature looking really pristine. Some customers are business owners and customarily will contract out all of the maintenance to a contractor.

Homeowners on the other hand find that there is a lot of enjoyment in tinkering with their water landscape. Checking the water level, making sure that the pump is clean and running properly, cleaning out filters from time to time and trimming or moving plants around as they grow. There is a lot of enjoyment in doing this work and many people will gladly take this activity on. Fall closing and spring opening are another issue all together. They want to make sure that there will be no ice damage to the equipment or to the ponds, stream or waterfalls of their landscape.

All of these options are available and even some custom options can be negotiated if needed to ensure that everything is kept in working order and looking great every year.

Why Use Water Landscape Design Calgary Contractors

This team offers personalized service throughout the entire process of consultation, design, construction and maintaining your landscape. With a variety of designs and water landscapes that they have built they have the experiences to custom design a beautiful landscape to meet just about any ones needs. They work closely with their clients, listening to your requirements and making suggestions that they found useful from previous water feature designs to arrive at a final design that meets all of your requirements. Type, style, waterfalls, ponds, streams, plants, lighting, bridges, stepping stones, the color of the rock, the contour of your property, are all attributes that are incorporated into the final design to meet your own artistic objectives and of course your budget.

This is an iterative process. We want to make sure that our customers are totally satisfied with the final result.

Once the design is complete, our experienced crew can get started. All material will be ordered and once it is on site, they can get started with the construction. Occasionally there are delays due to material not being available or weather that does not cooperate. Weather conditions can sometimes make it impossible to work or can prevent access to a customer’s property. These conditions are the only things that will cause any delay in your project.

Call Us Today

If you are thinking about calling an Alberta water feature contractor, why not give us a call today for an initial consultation. The design team will be pleased to discuss your requirements, make some suggestions and prepare a proposal to you for your water feature design, following the processes outlined above.

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Water Features Companies in Alberta

There are a number of water features companies in Alberta that design, build and maintain water landscape features of all kinds for residential customers as well as business customers and sports venues such as golf courses. Clients who are looking for a water landscape design and installation often look at examples and pictures of completed installations as a large measure of how to choose a company to work with. This is a good approach since many customers find designs that they like and then build on them when they work with one of our designers to develop a design for their property. We are finding that our customers are making lots of really good suggestions regarding the designs of ponds, streams and waterfalls that we build. We incorporate these ideas into designs to improve our product every day.

Selecting a Water Feature Landscape Company

There are a number of factors that go into selecting a company to design and install a landscape on your property. Some clients will place more importance on some factors than others, while deciding which company to use. These are some of the factors that you may want to consider and the reasons why they are important:

Budget / Price – Your budget and the eventual price of the landscape design is usually at the top of every one’s mind. At Water Landscapes Design Calgary, we will work with the client to develop a design that maps into your budget while providing a landscape that you will be proud to show your friends and obtain a lot of enjoyment from. We provide a detailed quote for our clients to review.

Design process – The design process is the most important element of the entire Job. We work with our clients utilizing pictures of other landscapes, ideas from the customer and our own professional ability to arrive at a design that fits the client’s outdoor space and budget. The process is an iterative process which is used to get every detail right and accepted by the customer.

Customization – Almost every design is customized in some way. The outdoor space is always different and the customer’s ideas are often unique. When you add these contributions plus our own ideas, clients will have a unique design that cannot be found anywhere else in Calgary.

Relationship – is important with all customers. We work hard to make sure that we have an excellent relationship with all of our customers. We take the time to discuss designs and modify or adjust them until our customer is totally satisfied. Satisfied customers are very important to us and demonstrated by our testimonials included on our web site.

Reputation – We provide the highest quality designs and workmanship in the Calgary area. Our passion to design and build outstanding landscapes has impressed customers across Calgary and across the province.

Testimonials – Our customers are extremely satisfied with our work, so much so that we have numerous testimonials about how satisfied they are with the design, the installation and most important the final result. These customers have provides us with a few short videos which you can view on our web site. You may even get some ideas from these videos for your own outdoor space in your backyard or business grounds.

Timing – Once the design is completed and the customer has provided their approval, materials are ordered and the construction is scheduled with one of our foreman and their teams. The only issue in terms of scheduling will be availability of material and the weather which sometimes can slow us down.

Maintenance Plans– We also provide maintenance plans that cater to our clients needs. Whether you want to have our team maintain you new water feature landscape year round or do all of the work yourself, with fall closing and spring opening provided by our team, there are maintenance plans that can accommodate. Many customers prefer to do their own work and then have our team open and close the water feature in the spring and fall.

Location – We provide water landscape design, installation and maintenance service in the cities of Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton as well as surrounding areas.

Accreditation – Certification is an important attribute of any company that you hire. We are certified as an Aquascape Contractor (CAC) in Alberta and are considered as Alberta’s leading water landscape specialist.
We know that clients will compare prices and evaluate several landscape design companies before they decide to proceed with one company or another.  The factors that we have identified above are key factors that we believe every customer should consider when they are making a decision. We also feel that we excel at all of these factors providing our customers with excellent service and excellent results for the landscape design the wish to have installed in their outdoor space. Call us today for a consultation, design and quote for the water feature that you wish to install in your space. We will start by visiting your premises to discuss your ideas, review the space you have in mind for a water feature and take measurements. The next step is up t o you. Call us today!

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Professional Pond Design and Installation in Calgary

Every customer’s backyard is different and so are their ideas about how they would like to design their landscaping. Some yards are flat, while others like the one in the picture are terraced making them perfect for natural streams and waterfalls. Corporate lawns, golf courses and municipal landscapes offer many opportunities to be creative and challenge our designers when providing professional pond design and installation in Calgary. At Water Landscapes Design in Calgary, we welcome these opportunities to design a water landscape that provides the owners with a beautiful landscape that offers tranquil surroundings and enjoyment to everyone who sees them.

The Design Process for Water Landscapes

The design process is an iterative process that takes into account the opportunities of the proposed location, ideas that the customer may have in terms of what they would like to see along with the budget that they have in mind. Some design ideas are purely the imagination of the customer; some are from pictures that they have seen in our gallery of pictures or from friends who have installed a water landscape.

As our consultants become familiar with what the client is looking for, we can narrow down some of the choices and ideas to a design that meets the customer’s ideas, matches their budget and fits within the space they have to work with. Before we finalize a design, the customer must be totally satisfied with the design and be able to imagine what the final product is going to look like from drawings and / or pictures provided to them.

How Can Clients Get Started

The first step is to really spend some time viewing the gallery of pictures that are on the web site to get some idea of what you might like to have in your outdoor space. Various combinations of ponds, streams and waterfalls can be designed by our professionals to give you exactly the look you would like. Next give us a call to set up an appointment. Our consultants will come to your home or business to meet with you, measure the outdoor space were the water feature will be placed and discuss various options and designs that you are interested in.

Once you have provided the designer with some basic guidelines, they will measure the property and then prepare a design which can be further fine tuned at a later appointment. Once the design has been finalized, they will build a quote and also layout the design on the ground using ground paint. It is at this point with a combination of the layout and the drawings that you can have an idea of what the water feature will look like and exactly where it will be located in your yard.

Finalizing the Quote

Now that there is a final design and layout, it is time to prepare the quote and present it to you. The quote will be an accurate list of all materials that will be installed and the labor along with applicable taxes that are required to complete the installation. Once approved, the installation team can get to work by ordering the materials and scheduling the installation of your new water feature.

Professional Installation in Calgary

Our installation team has a great deal of experience installing water landscapes in Calgary and the surrounding area. They are familiar with all kinds of installation issues and challenges and will clean up all construction materials after they are finished.

Once all of the materials associated with your designed water landscape are available, the foreman and crew are scheduled to start the construction. Customers should note that delays can occur primarily due to weather conditions that make it too sloppy or dangerous to work or availability of materials for your water feature.

Professional Service and Maintenance of Your Water Landscape

As most people are aware, any landscape must be maintained to keep it looking its best. Water landscapes are no different. A minimal amount of maintenance will keep these landscapes looking pristine, the water flowing and plants healthy. Water levels must be maintained either manually or with the use of an automatic water level valve.  Water quality is also important to promote healthy plant growth and to avoid algae in the water. Unfortunately, Calgary experiences cold winters which means that that water landscapes must be shut down for the winter and re-opened in the spring.

Our company offers several different maintenance packages that are matched to the type of landscape that you have installed as well as the amount of maintenance that each owner wants to take on themselves. Some clients prefer to do all of their own work, deriving a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from this activity. Some clients will do their own work during the season, but have our team close the water feature in the fall and reopen it in the spring along with a general cleanup and water testing.

There are lots of options for water landscape customers to consider. Our design work, our installation work and our maintenance activities are all completed with professionalism. Call us today for an initial consultation to design your new water feature or to set up a regular schedule maintenance program.

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Residential Backyard Ponds – Design and Install in Alberta

Some residential backyard ponds that have been designed and installed in Alberta are truly spectacular during the day as well as the evening. Just take a look at this picture on the left and imagine a pond with water falls and mountain streams like this in your outdoor space. Add night time lighting to it and you have a truly spectacular water feature designed to impress your guests no matter what time of the day! This particular landscape incorporates three water falls and two ponds with lots of Alberta boulders and plants strategically placed. And then the lighting really sets it off during the evening providing a wonderful landscape to admire. Humans love it, birds love it and the animals love it. It can be a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the quiet solitude of your outdoor space listening to the tranquil water falls. It is a perfect conversation piece when guests come for dinner. There will never be a lull in topics to discuss. It does not get much better than that!

How Do You Design One of These

It is really quite easy, however it does take some time to come up with a design that you can truly appreciate. You go to the experts who have designed many backyard ponds for residential customers as well as commercial customers. You may have ideas of your own that you want to incorporate. That is fine with the designers, in fact they prefer that the customer is an integral part of the design process. It really helps to make sure that the customer is truly satisfied with the final result. There is even more pride of ownership, when you can can say I helped to design this beautiful water pond, water falls and mountain stream!

Start with the pictures and pick out a number that you think you may like. Next look at the packages that are available to confirm that they are within the price range you were thinking of spending. Next, call the number at the top of the page to arrange for a consultation at your home or business. Let the designer know over the phone what landscapes you have shortlisted and what your budget is. They can then bring along some more pictures that fit your requirements and be prepared to discuss in detail what kinds of ponds and water features would best fit your outdoor space. They will work with you to narrow down the choices and select something that will look truly spectacular in your yard and within budget.

Maintaining a Pond

Maintaining a pond like the one in the picture does take a bit more work than a smaller one, however with water level monitors and automatic fillers, you will not need to be concerned about the water getting too low. From time to time, someone needs to monitor the chemical makeup of the water to ensure that the PH level is in the correct range for plants and fish if you have them.

Any debris from storms and wind should be removed immediately to maintain the flow of water and of course to keep your water feature looking pristine. Most home owners will look after this part of the maintenance. They can also test the water as well once a month or more often if there is some concern. Often the PH levels will change after a lot of rain. Customers can also arrange for one our contractors to come once a month to ensure that everything is running smoothly, clean up anything that needs to be done and re-arrange plants or thin them out as needed.

During the winter time your water feature will need to be shut down, since freezing water can damage the pipes and the pumps. These will be removed and the water will be lowered if needed. An aerator can be added to the pond if you have fish in the pond. They hibernate, but they do need unfrozen water with oxygen so the aerator will keep the water from freezing and also pump in air into the water as well.

Design and Install in Alberta

There are literally thousands of designs to choose from. Not all of them will make sense or would look very good in your outdoor space. But many of them will. Our customers often like to have something that is unique and customized that fits their space, their sense of spectacular and their budget. A custom designed backyard pond can be designed and installed making use of some of the features you have seen in other ponds with your own customized requirements included.

The design team is pretty flexible and have lots of ideas about what works and what does not work in backyards or commercial properties and can help you develop a design that meets the multiple objectives of your outdoor space, being spectacular, tranquility, beauty, practical and of course budget.

Why not give them a call today at the number at the top of this page. They will be pleased to set up an appointment to help you begin the journey of transforming your backyard out door space into a beautiful residential backyard pond that brings a little of the rocky mountains and Alberta right into your yard.

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Ponds Alberta – Water Features That Impress

A friend of ours has a pond with approximately 40 Koi in the pond. It is always a subject of conversation when we visit, especially with the kids. Ponds in Alberta with or without fish are water features that will impress impress your friends and family and will always be the topic of conversation.

Whether you live in a residential area or have a golf course or a corporate area to landscape, a water feature with a pond will add many hours of pleasure to your enjoyment. Ponds can also be incorporated with either waterfalls and / or streams provided that you have sufficient room to work with on your property. The picture above shows a rather large pond on a property with lots of area to work with.  Even residential yards can have miniature versions of this pond with a waterfall and a short mountain stream incorporated. It is really up to your imagination regarding what you design into your outdoor space.

How to Design a Water Features that Will Impress

Many prospective customers would like to have some kind of water feature in their outdoor space, however they really do not know were to begin. They have seen other water landscapes that they really admired, but cannot really picture in their minds what that same landscape would look like in their yard.

This is were the designers of water features can really assist the consumer. Armed with many pictures and a keen eye regarding layout and knowing what will work and what will not work on any given property, they can quickly narrow the options down to something that will meet their customers demanding requirements.

Customers often spend hours looking at an assortment of pictures, eliminating those that they do not care for and narrowing the number down to a select few that really captures their imagination and impresses them. The design team can take those pictures, coupled with discussion of what the consumer is trying to achieve, and come up with a design that fits the consumers requirements and the physical attributes of the property that will have the water feature installed.

There is no pressure to decide or to place an order. They really want you to be sure about the final design concept. This is by far the best way to ensure that they have a satisfied customer.

Building a Design and An Estimate

The initial design has taken into account the attributes of the property and the requirements of the customer. The next phase is really important as well. Once the customer has viewed the initial design, quite often changes are made to reflect additional requirements or in some cases removal of some of the attributes of that initial design. It is an iterative process, since customers gradually come to terms with what they would like once they can see an initial design concept on paper.

The other factor of course is budget. Many customers will have an initial budget in mind and they need to work within this amount. The design team fully understands this need and supports it as well. No one wants a dissatisfied customer due to overspending. Adjustments are made to the design to reflect the customers budget requirements. In some cases, the work may be even phased in over several years for larger water features.

Once the design on paper is completed, a final estimate is prepared including materials, equipment needed and labor. Final adjustments can be made and then the design team will map out the water feature in your outdoor space so that everyone can visualize the location and the site lines of the water feature. This step is important since it provides the customer with a view of the exact location of the water feature. They will be able to stand at various points in their yard and in their home or office and view the location to confirm that it is in the right location for optimum viewing from all angles.

Ponds That Impress Your Family and Friends

With the correct design, layout, features, plants and even fish in your pond, you will have a water feature that will be a topic of conversation every time you have company. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we always take time to view the pond of our friend when we visit. There seems to be some thing different each time and it is very enjoyable to spend a few minutes watching the water cascading into the pond or looking at the fish in his pond.

Maintenance of ponds and other water features is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to install an auto water level system to maintain the water level, clean debris away from the pond from time to time and perhaps add or thin some of the plants. Water quality is also important can be maintained easily. There are a variety of maintenance plans available for maintaining the pond during the spring, summer and fall periods. Closing and opening your pond can also be arranged each fall and spring. Even the fish in the pond will live through the winter freezing as long as you keep a small pump running to add oxygen and keep the water moving so that it will not freeze.

Why not start the process today by giving the designers a call and arrange for a free consultation.

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Water Treatment of Water Features and Winter

Winter is on the way and it is time to consider fall maintenance for your water landscape and closing of your system to protect the system and avoid damage from the water freezing inside pumps, piping etc. As the air cools, so does the water and this in turn will decrease the production of algae? The plants will stay lush until the first major frost and then to begin to die off. There are steps that can be taken to keep your water landscape looking its best until it is time to close it for the season. When winter sets in, sometimes it comes quickly so be prepared to close your water landscape quickly or have a prearranged appointment with your contractor to complete the work.

If you fertilize your plants, it is time to stop fertilizing them to let them know that the season is at an end. Prune the leaves of your water plants in and around the water feature as they begin to turn to keep it looking its best. Leaves from nearby trees may find their way into the water which may cause the water to turn brown and also clog the water filter. Skim the leaves daily from the water and also clean the filter often to keep everything running properly.

Shortly after the first frost, the water plants will begin to die off and these can be removed if they are annuals and otherwise cut back to prepare them for the winter. If you have cattails, you can either cut them back to just above the water or leave them in place over the winter to add character to your water feature over the winter months.

Preparing Your Water Feature for the Winter

Folks who live in climates were the water does not freeze are pretty much done at this point. Unfortunately in places like Calgary, the temperatures do get very cold and the water will freeze solid in your water landscape. Any pumps, flotation devices and pipes can and probably would be damaged from the ice as it expands while freezing. Contractors in Calgary routinely remove these systems from water landscapes and arrange for the customer to store them over the winter.

They will first disconnect the pump from the electrical system and then remove the pump from the landscape. The flotation device is also removed. If the pipes can be drained and there is confidence that they will remain free of water over the winter, then they can remain in place, otherwise the water must be removed and the pipes plugged or removed from the water feature.

If you do have fish in a pond, once the water temperature goes below 55 degrees F, they should not be fed any more since their metabolisms are slowing and the extra food could cause them problems over the winter. Arrangements need to be made to keep the water oxygenated over the winter and the water kept from freezing solid. Most people will use a combination of a small aerator and heater to keep the water at the proper temperature. These steps will ensure that you have healthy active fish next spring when it comes time to re-open the pond.

How Can Leaves and Other Debris be Kept Out of the Water Landscapes

For large landscapes there may not be a practical means to keep organic material from building up in the water. Unfortunately, this material will need to be removed by hand whenever it is necessary, including closing the landscape for the winter. For smaller landscapes netting can be spread across the stream or waterfall to catch all of the leaves that might find their way in your water. The netting can be removed from time to time and the leaves etc and be disposed of in the traditional manner. It is important to avoid allowing leaves etc to build up in the water to keep the water at a balanced PH level. Improper PH levels will potentially harm your fish as well as your aquatic plants.

If this all sounds like to too much work, or you are uncertain about what needs to be done to close your water feature or you just do not have the time, the team at Babbling Brooks can close your water landscape for the season and make sure it is prepared properly for the winter. Give them a call today to discuss the various packages they have available for maintenance and winter closings. Even if you want to keep your system operating for another week or two, booking them now will give you peace of mind that the system will be closed before the real cold weather begins. The phone number can be found at the top of the page.

While you are booking them for fall maintenance and winter closing, why not consider booking them for the spring opening at the same time. Installation of all components, water treatment and any additional cleaning can be arranged for well ahead of time so that you are not waiting in the spring. Call today to make arrangements!

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