Lowest Cost Water Features in Calgary

How does Water Landscapes Design Calgary provide the lowest cost water features in Calgary? The answer is pretty simple when you consider that the team has completed hundreds of landscapes and are experienced at designing, installing and maintaining these water landscapes. With experience comes economies of scale and processes that provides savings right back to the customer.

We have many pictures on our web site available for review from previous jobs that we have completed for satisfied customers. If you see something you like, we can easily map this design onto your yard and come up with a cost that matches your budget. Note that if you take one of our standard designs with everything included such as materials, construction equipment and labor the cost is fixed and you know ahead of time what your total cost is before the design is completed.

Lowest Cost Customer Water Features in Calgary

Of course custom approaches can also be accommodated. The design team will make every effort to meet your custom requirements while keeping the cost of the water landscape as low as possible. The process has been mapped out over many projects and we have a pretty good idea of what works and what does not for our customers.

We start by asking the customer to review various pictures of previous designs that have been built. By coupling the preferred designs, the custom requirements of the customer and the physical attributes of the space where the water feature will be built, a custom design can be developed for review. Adjustments can be made to this design and then a final quote for the cost of the materials and installation can be presented. We will make every effort possible to keep the cost as low as possible. Once the design has been agreed to the designers will mark out the location using ground paint to give the customer a better idea of exactly where the landscape will be built. This also communicates to our installers as well exactly where the water landscape is to be built so that there is no confusion.

Once everything is ready, construction can begin on your water landscape. With the exception of weather and availability of material complications, the installation is then completed on schedule.

Maintenance Packages to Keep Your Costs Under Control

In addition, there are a number of maintenance packages that are available that customers can consider and keep their cost to maintain their water landscape as low as possible. Some customers will want to do all of the work themselves while others will prefer to have someone perform this maintenance work for them. We have maintenance packages that customers can choose from that allows them to minimize the cost and other maintenance packages that allow them to be free to do other things while the water landscape is kept pristine for them. It is their choice and the cost can be managed easily in this manner for maintenance work.

Maintenance includes trimming surrounding plants, removing debris that gets in the water, treating the water to keep it balanced from a PH perspective and of course winter closings and spring openings. Some customers will do all of the regular maintenance themselves and then arrange to have our team winterize the water landscape for them as well as open it in the spring. Many customers start off with a maintenance package and then as they learn more about their water landscape begin taking on more of the regular maintenance themselves. They seem to gain a lot of personal enjoyment out of this. All options are available and it is completely up to the customer regarding how they would like to have their water landscape maintained.

Why not give us a call today to set up an appointment to discuss how a water landscape can be added to your homes outdoor space. Landscapes like this not only add a great deal of enjoyment to you, they also add value to your home as well. Take some time to listen to the testimonials available on our website as well as review the gallery of pictures that have been taken of previous landscapes completed for other customers. There may be something there that can easily be incorporated into your outdoor space at a very reasonable low cost.

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