Landscaped Waterfalls Features

Landscaped waterfalls are not only beautiful in a visual aspect, they add a relaxing and pleasing sound to your residential back yard, or corporate property, or hotel grounds.

We specialize to creating waterfall features that are stunning and cost efficient.

We have three specific waterfall products and design placements;

  1. Custom Cascades Packages – see gallery
  2. Native Alberta Packages – see gallery
  3. Boulder Falls Packages – see gallery

You can call us for a consultation and we can help you find the right water feature package that suits your tastes and needs. We have an extremely helpful and friendly team of water feature professional, designers, and builders, and they look forward to answering your questions.

We are not only experts in designing, creating, and building superb water features such as ponds, waterfalls, and streams – we know how to maintain your water feature.

Maintenance is key a key factor in making sure your water features STAY beautiful, sanitary, and eye popping! Our professionals will come to the site of your water feature(s) are carry out the necessary maintenance for you. OR, we will show you how to maintain your pond, stream, or waterfall.

Either way – it’s all about “keeping up appearances”.

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