How Much To Have A Water Fountain Installed

We have many clients that send us questions about water landscapes, their operation, how much maintenance etc. One client wanted to know how much it would cost to have a water fountain installed.  The quick answer is that the cost to install any of the water features really depends on location, the size of the water feature, the materials that will be needed, access to the location and the overall design. While this may not be the specific answer they were looking for, the cost does depend on all of these features, and design issues. We will explain further in the following paragraphs. Before we do, we want to emphasize that the easiest way to find out what the cost is, is to set up an appointment and arrange for a preliminary design at no cost to get a ball park figure about the cost of your fountain.

Factors that Determine the Cost of the Water Landscape

There are many factors that will go into determining the cost of a water landscape including fountains. We will expand on a few of them in the following to give readers and idea of what the cost factors are that contribute to the cost of a fountain.

Fountains – the first obvious factor is the size and type of fountain. There are many different types and clients may have seen one they like or would like Water Landscapes Design Calgary to suggest various types that would enhance your space that you are planning for the fountain. They can also be accompanied by ponds ands and streams as well which may be of interest to the client.

Scope of the Project – many people start with something smaller and then once they have viewed a few pictures or perhaps a few actual installations they begin to see what the possibilities are for a reasonable budget. This particular reader was asking about the cost of a fountain, however once they get a better appreciation of what is possible for their outdoor space, they may decide to change their requirement or add to it. In addition to fountains, clients sometimes consider adding streams with waterfalls and a pond to their water landscape to provide a breathtaking addition to their backyard.

Material – aside from the fountain itself, there will be a cost for materials that may need to be added. If a pond or stream is added, there will be excavation work to do, installation of supporting material to support the stream etc and installation of pumps and piping as needed. This can vary a great deal depending on the final design.

Access to Your Property – some homes are spaced very close together or there are a lot of existing landscaping that must either be worked around or incorporated. Without actually viewing the location where the fountain will be installed, it can be difficult to determine if access is an issue or not.

Location – most of our customers are located within reasonable travel distance of our offices. Occasionally there may be an additional charge for delivery and installation if the distance is longer than normal.

We have found that the best approach is to arrange for an appointment with one of our professional designers at your home. They can then view your planned space for the fountain, and make some suggestions regarding your plans. They will also be able to provide the client with an idea of what is possible within the budget they are considering and even provide a preliminary design as well.

Once the design is narrowed down, the designers will develop a detailed design; determine the cost of all material and construction activities to give the client an accurate estimate of the cost of the planned water landscape installation or in this case a water fountain.

They can also mark your property using ground paint on the grass to show you exactly where the fountain or water landscape will be installed. Although this is not obviously the real thing, customers tell us that the combination of the design concept and the ground paint really help them to imagine what the end result will look like in their yards.

Call us today to make arrangements for an appointment to visit your home and begin the design process for your water landscape.

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