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The question a lot of home owners ask themselves is “How do they find the best water features company in Calgary?”.  There are several ways, but the tried and true way is to do your due diligence. Talk to several companies, visit sites and talk to other customers, and above all do you have confidence in the company that they will build a water feature that meets your budget and your vision. This can take some work on your part and we are confident that when you complete this due diligence, you will be satisfied that Water Landscapes Design Calgary will deliver the best water features that meet all of your requirements.

Getting Started With Your Water Landscape

The most difficult part of the job for many homeowners can be forming their vision of what their landscape will look like and then deciding who you will have actually design, quote and construct your water landscape.

The folks at Water Landscapes Design Calgary have gone through this process many times and they understand that it can take some time for home owners to arrive at a decision. The first step is to start by setting up an appointment for one of our representatives to visit your home and discuss your ideas and concepts. Using their experience and ideas they can provide you with suggestions and possibly even pictures that match your vision. The process of arriving at a final design can be an iterative one as your vision begins to crystallize.

They can help you chose a location, develop elements that take into account lighting, style, design and the shape and location of your yard. Based on this conversation and your input regarding the design they will then take this information and develop a quote.

Developing a Quote

They will need to take some measurements, estimate the materials and make adjustments that deliver on your vision as well as your budget. The next step is quite important. This is where they create a conceptual design that demonstrates to you what your water feature will look like and is represented by the quote that the team will review with you. This is the first time that you will begin to see what your personal water feature is going to look like.

At this stage many home owners will take some time to think more about the design. Does it match their vision? Is the price that has been quoted reasonable? Do they really have the budget to proceed? Should they ask for an additional quote from another company? They may take time to visit other landscapes that have been constructed and talk to other customers. After all this is a major commitment in terms of money and also after all the work is completed, will they be satisfied with the work.

By the time a quote has been developed, both the customer and our team have committed quite a bit of time to developing this design. By this time, customers have developed a sense of the level of commitment to quality and skill regarding the landscape. They have a sense of how comfortable it is to work with the team and whether they can trust the team to deliver.

Going through this process is really how you know whether you have the best water features company in Calgary. The process and the conceptual design will give you the confidence that you have the best water features company.

The Next Step before Construction Begins

The last step prior to actual construction is when the company comes to your home and using the conceptual design which has been agreed to, maps out the design using ground paint on your lawn. This step meets two objectives quite well. First it provides you the client your first physical idea of where the feature will be on your lawn, the size and the direction of the water flow. It also provides the foreman who will build the water feature an exact layout for your water feature. Once you and the design team agree to the layout, there can be no mistake. It will be constructed in the right location and take up the correct space, meeting all of your expectations.

It is this design process that leads to satisfied customers. They have seen via pictures what similar landscapes and water features look like. They have seen the conceptual design on paper and they have seen where their water feature will be placed on their lawn. Throughout the process the customer has increased their knowledge and confidence about the water feature that will be built. In addition don’t forget to discuss the maintenance packages that are available for your water feature. With a solid design team available to help you achieve your vision for your yard, they complement this service with a solid service team that can provide maintenance all year round for your water feature if desired.

There are a variety of maintenance plans available for customers to choose from. Some customers will enjoy doing their own work while others will take advantage of the annual closing and opening packages. Some will want the maintenance team to monitor their water feature every month. Trimming plants, clearing debris, checking the water quality and making sure that your water feature is in pristine condition are just some of the maintenance that is part of their service packages.

Give them a call today to set up an appointment to discuss your vision for your yard.

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