Best Pond Water Feature Contractor in Calgary

How do you know you have the best pond water feature contractor in Calgary? By the beautiful water features they have created all over Calgary. By the customer satisfaction level, not only with the quality of construction, but also the design process when it provides a really beautiful landscape in your yard. By the maintenance packages that are flexible and supportive of every customer’s requirements. By the interaction you have with our design team as you jointly finalize a design that meets your vision and budget. Take a look at some of the videos on this page on the sidebar, talk to our skilled sales technicians and even visit or talk with some of our customers to assess their satisfaction with our service and view their water feature. Call today to set up an initial appointment to get the design process started.

Pond water features can have a pond with a waterfall and stream or if you do not have the room, but want a waterfall to be part of your landscape clients can have a pond less waterfall or mountain stream in their yards. Customers can work with our designers who will bring a multitude of ideas for your water feature to arrive at the one design that really enhances your yard and brings both beauty as well as tranquility to your yard.

Design Considerations

There are of course limitations that must be discussed and the design must incorporate. Budget is one area that many consumers are concerned about for both construction and later on for maintenance of your water feature. Our designers will work within your budget to deliver a beautiful pond water feature or one of the other common designs. Maintenance can be all completed by our team, or performed by the home owner or a combination of both. There is a maintenance program that fits every customers needs for budget as well as ability and desire to do their own maintenance on their water feature.

Another design consideration that many people do not consider until the design process gets started is the space to work with. For people without a lot of room, there are pond less waterfalls available which take up less room while still providing a beautiful setting and the tranquil sounds of a waterfall. In some situations customers are concerned about having small ponds with small children present. Pond less waterfalls will provide a safe environment for children and for pets since there is no area for children to fall into. There is no pool of water for them to fall into or standing water.

Maintenance of Water Features

There are some basic steps to follow to ensure that your water feature is kept pristine and operating perfectly. The water quality and PH levels should be monitored and maintained. The water level should be maintained to protect your plants and your equipment. Debris should be removed from time to time. Plants grow, especially when there is lots of water and sunlight. These need to be trimmed or thinned from time to time. Your water feature also needs to be closed in the fall and reopened in the spring. Typically pumps and water level monitoring devices are removed and pipes are drained. All of these tasks can be provided by signing up for a variety of water feature maintenance packages or clients can choose a subset of these packages, whichever makes sense for them.

Can I Have Fish In My Pond

Many customers would like to have fish in their ponds and as the best pond contractor in Calgary, we can design a water feature that accommodates fish in your pond all year long. Water management must be taken into account to ensure that there is an oxygen rich environment with sufficient water in the pond at all times. Water level monitors are installed to automatically keep your pond at the required level. Water PH levels are monitored and the fish will help to keep the water clear by consuming much of the algae that naturally forms in the water due to sunlight and microscopic debris that is in the water. Multi colored fish will add a much greater beauty to your pond providing endless hours of enjoyment.

In cold weather your fish will naturally slow down their movements and their metabolism. They do not eat over the winter months and they need to have clear water that is not frozen. Depending on the depth of your pond you may need to take precautions to ensure that the water does not freeze solid during the winter. A water heater and air bubbler can be installed to accomplish this task and ensure that the water retains sufficient oxygen to keep your fish alive. In the spring these units are removed. At the same time water pumps are reinstalled and the water begins to circulate once again.

Consumers do not want to just hire a contractor to build a water feature. Most customers want a full service contractor who provides the best water feature service in the Calgary area. When you consider the design process, the installation and construction process and a full service maintenance program provided by Water Landscapes Design Calgary, consumers know they are picking the best pond water feature contractor in Calgary! Call us today for an appointment!

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