Affordable Ponds and Stream Building in Alberta

Alberta residents can now take advantage of our affordable ponds and stream building offers and have the water landscape they have been dreaming about right in their own back yard. Whether you are envisioning a pond, a stream or a combination of both, an affordable design can be developed to match your plans and encompass your backyard size and environment. We have many previous designs that have been developed for our customers which you may enjoy and consider for your own back yard. Of course you can also develop your own pond and stream with or without a water fall as well. Whether you have a flat area to work with or one that already has a natural slope to it, a water landscape can be incorporated into it that will add many hours of enjoyment to your life.

Customized Designs

Many of our customers start by reviewing pictures in our gallery of past projects. They have their own ideas about what they would like to do on their property and by reviewing some of these past ideas they are inspired to develop a unique water landscape that meets their vision, their budget and the environment they have to work with. Our designers have many years of experience and can help customers through the design process of incorporating everything from waterfalls, ponds, streams, plants, lights, the shape, and the colors to fit within the space that you have to work with. The result will be a beautiful water landscape that will add many hours of enjoyment as well as contribute to increasing your properties resale value.

Whether you select a standard design or a fully customized design for your backyard space, our team of professional designers will work with you to develop a design that compliments your space, is pleasing to the eye and meets your objectives for your water landscape. Our designs are affordable to build as well as maintain. The client has many options available to them to ensure that their landscape meets their budget as well as providing them with enhancements to their backyards that is the envy of their friends and neighbors. If you are looking for that “wow” factor, some of our unique customized designs may be just the ticket for you!

Low Maintenance

The amount of maintenance is always a concern for many prospective purchasers. Our landscapes are designed with low maintenance in mind to begin with and there are various maintenance packages that are also available. Water levels are automatically maintained and customers can choose between a minimum of 3 visits up to as many as 16 visits per year to help them make sure that your water landscape is kept beautiful all year long.  Many clients enjoy the minimal work that is required to trim plans, remove debris that finds its way into the area from time to time,  clean the water pond or stream and check the water purity. Other clients lead busy schedules and like the idea of having professionals look after their landscape for them. Either way there is an affordable maintenance program to choose from.

In addition, the water landscape should be closed down in the fall and reopened in the spring. This activity can also be completed by the owner or it can be completed by a member of our professional team. These openings and closings are designed to make sure that you water landscape is properly protected during winter months, equipment is removed to avoid damage from freezing conditions and restarted in the spring to again look great the following year.

If you decide to add fish to your pond, specific steps need to be taken to ensure that the fish will survive throughout the winter and freezing conditions. Although the water circulation stops in the fall when you remove the pumps etc., and your fish slow their metabolism, they still need oxygen and a small amount of unfrozen water to move around in. This is accomplished through the use of air bubblers and small heaters in some cases to keep the water from totally freezing. All this can be arranged as part of your affordable maintenance service.

Why not give us a call today to arrange an appointment for an initial consultation for an affordable pond or stream in your backyard?

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