How Much To Have A Water Fountain Installed

We have many clients that send us questions about water landscapes, their operation, how much maintenance etc. One client wanted to know how much it would cost to have a water fountain installed.  The quick answer is that the cost to install any of the water features really depends on location, the size of the water feature, the materials that will be needed, access to the location and the overall design. While this may not be the specific answer they were looking for, the cost does depend on all of these features, and design issues. We will explain further in the following paragraphs. Before we do, we want to emphasize that the easiest way to find out what the cost is, is to set up an appointment and arrange for a preliminary design at no cost to get a ball park figure about the cost of your fountain.

Factors that Determine the Cost of the Water Landscape

There are many factors that will go into determining the cost of a water landscape including fountains. We will expand on a few of them in the following to give readers and idea of what the cost factors are that contribute to the cost of a fountain.

Fountains – the first obvious factor is the size and type of fountain. There are many different types and clients may have seen one they like or would like Water Landscapes Design Calgary to suggest various types that would enhance your space that you are planning for the fountain. They can also be accompanied by ponds ands and streams as well which may be of interest to the client.

Scope of the Project – many people start with something smaller and then once they have viewed a few pictures or perhaps a few actual installations they begin to see what the possibilities are for a reasonable budget. This particular reader was asking about the cost of a fountain, however once they get a better appreciation of what is possible for their outdoor space, they may decide to change their requirement or add to it. In addition to fountains, clients sometimes consider adding streams with waterfalls and a pond to their water landscape to provide a breathtaking addition to their backyard.

Material – aside from the fountain itself, there will be a cost for materials that may need to be added. If a pond or stream is added, there will be excavation work to do, installation of supporting material to support the stream etc and installation of pumps and piping as needed. This can vary a great deal depending on the final design.

Access to Your Property – some homes are spaced very close together or there are a lot of existing landscaping that must either be worked around or incorporated. Without actually viewing the location where the fountain will be installed, it can be difficult to determine if access is an issue or not.

Location – most of our customers are located within reasonable travel distance of our offices. Occasionally there may be an additional charge for delivery and installation if the distance is longer than normal.

We have found that the best approach is to arrange for an appointment with one of our professional designers at your home. They can then view your planned space for the fountain, and make some suggestions regarding your plans. They will also be able to provide the client with an idea of what is possible within the budget they are considering and even provide a preliminary design as well.

Once the design is narrowed down, the designers will develop a detailed design; determine the cost of all material and construction activities to give the client an accurate estimate of the cost of the planned water landscape installation or in this case a water fountain.

They can also mark your property using ground paint on the grass to show you exactly where the fountain or water landscape will be installed. Although this is not obviously the real thing, customers tell us that the combination of the design concept and the ground paint really help them to imagine what the end result will look like in their yards.

Call us today to make arrangements for an appointment to visit your home and begin the design process for your water landscape.

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Affordable Ponds and Stream Building in Alberta

Alberta residents can now take advantage of our affordable ponds and stream building offers and have the water landscape they have been dreaming about right in their own back yard. Whether you are envisioning a pond, a stream or a combination of both, an affordable design can be developed to match your plans and encompass your backyard size and environment. We have many previous designs that have been developed for our customers which you may enjoy and consider for your own back yard. Of course you can also develop your own pond and stream with or without a water fall as well. Whether you have a flat area to work with or one that already has a natural slope to it, a water landscape can be incorporated into it that will add many hours of enjoyment to your life.

Customized Designs

Many of our customers start by reviewing pictures in our gallery of past projects. They have their own ideas about what they would like to do on their property and by reviewing some of these past ideas they are inspired to develop a unique water landscape that meets their vision, their budget and the environment they have to work with. Our designers have many years of experience and can help customers through the design process of incorporating everything from waterfalls, ponds, streams, plants, lights, the shape, and the colors to fit within the space that you have to work with. The result will be a beautiful water landscape that will add many hours of enjoyment as well as contribute to increasing your properties resale value.

Whether you select a standard design or a fully customized design for your backyard space, our team of professional designers will work with you to develop a design that compliments your space, is pleasing to the eye and meets your objectives for your water landscape. Our designs are affordable to build as well as maintain. The client has many options available to them to ensure that their landscape meets their budget as well as providing them with enhancements to their backyards that is the envy of their friends and neighbors. If you are looking for that “wow” factor, some of our unique customized designs may be just the ticket for you!

Low Maintenance

The amount of maintenance is always a concern for many prospective purchasers. Our landscapes are designed with low maintenance in mind to begin with and there are various maintenance packages that are also available. Water levels are automatically maintained and customers can choose between a minimum of 3 visits up to as many as 16 visits per year to help them make sure that your water landscape is kept beautiful all year long.  Many clients enjoy the minimal work that is required to trim plans, remove debris that finds its way into the area from time to time,  clean the water pond or stream and check the water purity. Other clients lead busy schedules and like the idea of having professionals look after their landscape for them. Either way there is an affordable maintenance program to choose from.

In addition, the water landscape should be closed down in the fall and reopened in the spring. This activity can also be completed by the owner or it can be completed by a member of our professional team. These openings and closings are designed to make sure that you water landscape is properly protected during winter months, equipment is removed to avoid damage from freezing conditions and restarted in the spring to again look great the following year.

If you decide to add fish to your pond, specific steps need to be taken to ensure that the fish will survive throughout the winter and freezing conditions. Although the water circulation stops in the fall when you remove the pumps etc., and your fish slow their metabolism, they still need oxygen and a small amount of unfrozen water to move around in. This is accomplished through the use of air bubblers and small heaters in some cases to keep the water from totally freezing. All this can be arranged as part of your affordable maintenance service.

Why not give us a call today to arrange an appointment for an initial consultation for an affordable pond or stream in your backyard?

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Pond Water Features Company in Edmonton and Calgary Alberta

Many consumers in Edmonton and Calgary would like to do something with their backyards to make them more enjoyable and also attractive to nature. For some people it is the standard landscaping which looks nice but really does not garner many comments when people come to visit. Their friends will tell them that it looks nice, but you can tell that they are not really that excited. Straight forward landscaping is just the thing to do and everybody has some sort of landscaping around their yard.

Adding a water feature to your back yard is going to garner lots of comments! They are different and not many people have a water feature in their back yards. The pond water features with waterfalls or babbling brooks provide a tranquil environment for humans as well as birds and animals. Many people who have pond water feature tell us that they just love watching the many birds that come for a visit and they love the calming influence of the water as it splashes over the waterfall or down a small stream in their yards.

Your guests, friends, neighbors and family will be impressed and will want to know a lot more about your pond water feature. How did you come up with the design? Is there much work to maintaining it? What do you do in the winter time? Can you have fish in the pond and so on? We will try to answer a few of these questions, however if you live in Calgary or Edmonton, and are interested in a water feature, give us a call to set up an appointment to have all of your questions addressed.

How did you come up with the design?

The team at Water Landscapes Design Calgary have a large number of pictures and videos for people to review and gain some insight into what they would like. The design team uses an iterative process to help home owners arrive at a design that they really like, that fits with their outdoor space and also fits with their budget that they have to work with. They use a combination of the pictures, concept design and ground paint to help customers turn their vision into reality.

Is there much work to maintaining it?

There is not a lot of work to maintain your water feature. Automatic water levelers keep the water at the proper level and routine testing of the water is needed to ensure that the PH level stays within the required range. Cleaning may be needed from time to time to remove plant material and any leaves or other debris that may be blown into the pond water feature by local weather conditions. From time to time some thinning of the plants around the water feature may be needed. Consumers can do this work or take advantage of one of the maintenance packages that are available.

What do you do in the winter time?

Your water feature needs to be closed during the winter and then reopened in the spring. The pumps and pipes are removed and the water level monitor is also removed. Debris is cleaned out and plants may be trimmed or removed depending on the type of plant. In the spring, everything needs to be reinstalled and the operation of the components verified. The water level should also be tested and chemicals added if needed to bring it into the proper range. Again there is a closing and opening package available, however many customers also will do their own maintenance.

Can you have fish in the pond?

The answer is definitely yes and the design team will make sure that your pond is setup properly to accommodate fish. Water levels and water quality must be kept to the proper levels to protect your fish. They will eat the algae that naturally forms in the water, although some people may also provide fish food for them as well. In the winter time the fish will hibernate and owners only need to provide a small heater to keep the water from totally freezing. They also need to provide an air bubbler to keep the water oxygenated and this also helps to keep the water from freezing solid as well.

Fish will add a lot of opportunities for conversation with your friends and family when they come to visit along with a great deal of enjoyment. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss how you can transform your outdoor space.

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Water Features Company in Edmonton

Water Landscapes Design Calgary also offers water landscapes design, construction and maintenance services in the Edmonton area of Alberta. Many customers in Edmonton have seen some of our work on our web site through some of the videos as well as the gallery of pictures and are expressing interest in our company designing and building water landscapes for them.

What is the Process?

Most of our potential customers have either seen a water landscape at someone’s home or they may have seen pictures on our web site or someone else’s. They decide that they also would like to have something similar and decide to ask for more information about possible designs and the cost of building a water feature.

They begin by making a call to us and providing to us over the phone with some ideas of what they would like based on their vision so that our designers can come to their home better equipped to provide them with examples of our portfolios that match their vision. Gradually the vision becomes a design as decisions are made regarding lighting, style, design, your needs, the size of your property and your budget. The location of the water feature will be chosen to provide the customer with the maximum of enjoyment visually and also supporting animal and bird life if desired.

Once the design is completed it is time to measure and plan the details of the layout and the materials required to build your water landscape. At this point our designers can provide you with a conceptual design and a price quote. If further discussion, tweaking of the design etc are needed this can be accommodated to ensure that the final product meets all of your requirements including your budget.

Once the design is completed and the quote accepted, the team will use ground paint to map out exactly where the water feature will be located providing a final visual for your review prior to construction beginning. We follow this same process with our customers in Calgary and Edmonton to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.

Installation of your water feature in Edmonton will be started once all materials are available and weather permitting. Actual construction dates could vary based on availability and the cooperation of the weather.

Maintenance of Your Water Feature

Whether you are in Calgary or Edmonton, maintenance of your water feature is pretty much the same. The system must be closed in the fall and reopened in the spring. Routine maintenance must be completed at various times throughout the year to ensure that the water quality is sufficient to maintain plants and keep the water clear. From time to time the wind may blow debris such as leaves and small twigs into your water feature depending on the proximity of trees and shrubs.

Plants surrounding your water feature or even in the ponds may need to be trimmed or cut back to maintain the overall look and beauty of your water feature. The water PH level should be maintained as well to an optimum level for the plants and any fish that may be part of your water feature.

All of the work can be completed by the home owner, however many consumers would prefer that the service team from water landscape design do this work for them. They have included a number of maintenance packages as part of their offering to accommodate all customers in terms of the amount of work they wish to do themselves vs. the work they want to have completed by our team.

These plans are very flexible and should accommodate just about every requirement that most owners in Edmonton will have. Many owners like our team to close the water feature properly in the fall and reopen it in the spring to ensure that everything is done properly. The home owner will then sometimes complete all of the regular maintenance themselves.

Give Us a Call Today to Get Started.

After taking the time to review some of the pictures and videos in our gallery give us a call to set up an appointment. We will come to your home and discuss your requirements and begin the process to turn your vision into reality.

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Water Features Installation in Alberta

More and more people are considering installing a water feature to their property to enhance the beauty of their yard as well as provide a tranquil place for themselves and attract many native birds to their property. These water features also add value to the property when it comes to selling the property making it more attractive to buyers. Surprisingly it is very easy to arrange for an installation and it is very easy to maintain your water feature once it is installed.

The cost of the water features obviously depends on the size and complexity of the water feature, however there are many designs that can be incorporated into many property owners yards quite economically while still adding a great deal of value to the persons home. Home owners can choose from various designs such as ponds, waterfalls, and streams or a combination of all three. Some consumers will even opt for ponds that are suitable for maintaining fish in them all year round.

How to Go About Choosing a Water Feature

Selecting a water feature is really a combination of the space you have to work with, the features you are looking for and the budget you have to work with. The folks at Water Landscape Design Calgary have lots of pictures that customers can review to begin narrowing down the designs to something that meets their needs. They also have videos of water landscapes on this web site that they have completed which may help you decide the size and type of water feature that you would prefer.

Once you have finalized a concept they will commit the design to paper and also using ground paint map the location out on your property. This accomplishes a number of objectives. First of all this mapping will give you an idea of exactly where the landscape will be built. Coupled with the design, you may find it much easier to visualize where the water feature will be built and what it will look like once it is completed.

The second objective that is satisfied by ground paint is that it will also show the technicians exactly where the water landscape is to be built. This approach ensures that there is no misunderstanding in terms of where it will be built on your property.

Once you make any final adjustments and give the go ahead to order materials and begin installation, the team will proceed and provide you with a schedule and order all materials. Your water landscape will be built and all of the construction material cleaned up before the construction crew leaves.

What Maintenance is Needed for My Water Feature

Once your water landscape is built and you are enjoying the benefits of having a water landscape in your yard, there is really little maintenance required. Typically the water must be monitored to ensure that the PH levels are correct and that the filters are running properly. If there is any debris in the water, it should be cleaned out to avoid plugging the pump.

Depending on the number of plants that are in or around your water feature, there may be some that need to be trimmed after a few months. At the same time all debris is removed and the water tested to keep the water pristine.

Finally your water feature will need to be closed during the winter and reopened in the spring.

The folks at Water Landscape Design Calgary have designed a number of maintenance plans for consumers to consider based on the amount of work they want to take on. Consumers can chose to have one of our maintenance teams perform all maintenance or they can do it all themselves or somewhere in between these two extremes. You decide. Many people obtain a great deal of satisfaction when they do their own work.

How to Get Started

Getting started is pretty straight forward. Take a few minutes to read some of the other posts on this web site, view some of the videos about various landscapes that have been constructed for our customers and then give us a call to set up an appointment. It could not be any easier. We will be pleased to set up an appointment and provide some ideas that fit your properties layout and your budget. Just give us a call to get started.

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Lowest Cost Water Features in Calgary

How does Water Landscapes Design Calgary provide the lowest cost water features in Calgary? The answer is pretty simple when you consider that the team has completed hundreds of landscapes and are experienced at designing, installing and maintaining these water landscapes. With experience comes economies of scale and processes that provides savings right back to the customer.

We have many pictures on our web site available for review from previous jobs that we have completed for satisfied customers. If you see something you like, we can easily map this design onto your yard and come up with a cost that matches your budget. Note that if you take one of our standard designs with everything included such as materials, construction equipment and labor the cost is fixed and you know ahead of time what your total cost is before the design is completed.

Lowest Cost Customer Water Features in Calgary

Of course custom approaches can also be accommodated. The design team will make every effort to meet your custom requirements while keeping the cost of the water landscape as low as possible. The process has been mapped out over many projects and we have a pretty good idea of what works and what does not for our customers.

We start by asking the customer to review various pictures of previous designs that have been built. By coupling the preferred designs, the custom requirements of the customer and the physical attributes of the space where the water feature will be built, a custom design can be developed for review. Adjustments can be made to this design and then a final quote for the cost of the materials and installation can be presented. We will make every effort possible to keep the cost as low as possible. Once the design has been agreed to the designers will mark out the location using ground paint to give the customer a better idea of exactly where the landscape will be built. This also communicates to our installers as well exactly where the water landscape is to be built so that there is no confusion.

Once everything is ready, construction can begin on your water landscape. With the exception of weather and availability of material complications, the installation is then completed on schedule.

Maintenance Packages to Keep Your Costs Under Control

In addition, there are a number of maintenance packages that are available that customers can consider and keep their cost to maintain their water landscape as low as possible. Some customers will want to do all of the work themselves while others will prefer to have someone perform this maintenance work for them. We have maintenance packages that customers can choose from that allows them to minimize the cost and other maintenance packages that allow them to be free to do other things while the water landscape is kept pristine for them. It is their choice and the cost can be managed easily in this manner for maintenance work.

Maintenance includes trimming surrounding plants, removing debris that gets in the water, treating the water to keep it balanced from a PH perspective and of course winter closings and spring openings. Some customers will do all of the regular maintenance themselves and then arrange to have our team winterize the water landscape for them as well as open it in the spring. Many customers start off with a maintenance package and then as they learn more about their water landscape begin taking on more of the regular maintenance themselves. They seem to gain a lot of personal enjoyment out of this. All options are available and it is completely up to the customer regarding how they would like to have their water landscape maintained.

Why not give us a call today to set up an appointment to discuss how a water landscape can be added to your homes outdoor space. Landscapes like this not only add a great deal of enjoyment to you, they also add value to your home as well. Take some time to listen to the testimonials available on our website as well as review the gallery of pictures that have been taken of previous landscapes completed for other customers. There may be something there that can easily be incorporated into your outdoor space at a very reasonable low cost.

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Water Landscaping for Cheap in Calgary

Many consumers are a little concerned about installing a water feature in Calgary. Some are concerned about the price they will end up paying for design and installation. They assume that the cost will be very high for the design and for the materials that are needed to construct a water landscape. A rule of thumb that many consumers are familiar with is that the labor costs are basically equal to the cost of the materials and they just do not want to pay so much for a beautiful water landscape that would transform their yard.

Access to their back yards is another concern that many will have as well. They do not want to ruin existing landscaping or encroach on their neighbor’s yard to gain access to theirs. If it is a wet year, lawns can be ruined and deep ruts can be created by equipment going back and forth. There might even be damage to nearby shrubs and trees as well.

Then there is the maintenance of the water landscape once it is installed. Until they really look into it, they may assume that support and maintenance is both time consuming and expensive if you hire someone to do the work for you. All of this adds up to many consumers forgoing a project that can add a lot of value to their yards, increase their homes value and provide a great deal of enjoyment as well to them.

Can water landscaping be completed cheaply in Calgary?

The answer is definitely yes and the folks at Water Landscapes Design have perfected an approach that keeps the cost for design, installation and maintenance to minimum while providing a beautiful transformation to a customer’s yard. Here is how they do it.

First of all they have a lot of experience and they have many pictures that were taken from previous projects that they have completed. Customers can choose from these picture and utilize an existing design that is already completed and ready to be implemented. There may be some find tuning required to accommodate your yards requirements but these usually represent minimal costs.

They have also packaged up several landscapes that include the design, the installation, a number of features and warranty all for a low fixed price. This makes it much easier for a consumer to budget and plan for a water feature. As long as you stick with the basic design your costs are known well in advance and they will not vary.

The folks at Water Landscape Design Calgary are in the business of landscaping. They understand how important it is to customers to have a beautiful attractive property that adds value to their home. They know that curb appeal plays a big role in the value of the home as well. That is why they take special precautions to protect all existing landscaping and if something needs to be moved or repaired to gain access to the area where the water landscape is to be installed, they will discuss this with you ahead of time and how repairs will be made. The same applies to encroaching on your neighbor’s lawn if this needed. Many homes are quite close together and we definitely do not want to ruin relationships between neighbors. In fact they may like your water landscape so much and the job that was completed, they may become future customers!

Maintenance Packages Are Available

Maintenance is always a concern. Consumers want their water landscape to remain pristine and continue to add enjoyment for many years. The plants that are part of your water landscape are living things that grow and need maintenance. Wind can sometimes blow debris into your pond or stream that must be removed. Water quality should be maintained to provide clear water that is healthy for the plants around it. With Calgary winters being what they are, water landscapes are usually closed down for the winter and then reopened in the spring.

Some consumers prefer to do everything themselves while others prefer to have all maintenance completed by the folks at Water Landscapes Design Calgary.  Either approach is fine with us and in fact there are a number of maintenance packages available for customers to chose the amount of work they would like to do vs. the amount that the team will do for them.

Consumers can really consider a water landscape that is cheap in Calgary by managing the amount of maintenance work they do themselves. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your new water landscape.

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Best Pond Water Feature Contractor in Calgary

How do you know you have the best pond water feature contractor in Calgary? By the beautiful water features they have created all over Calgary. By the customer satisfaction level, not only with the quality of construction, but also the design process when it provides a really beautiful landscape in your yard. By the maintenance packages that are flexible and supportive of every customer’s requirements. By the interaction you have with our design team as you jointly finalize a design that meets your vision and budget. Take a look at some of the videos on this page on the sidebar, talk to our skilled sales technicians and even visit or talk with some of our customers to assess their satisfaction with our service and view their water feature. Call today to set up an initial appointment to get the design process started.

Pond water features can have a pond with a waterfall and stream or if you do not have the room, but want a waterfall to be part of your landscape clients can have a pond less waterfall or mountain stream in their yards. Customers can work with our designers who will bring a multitude of ideas for your water feature to arrive at the one design that really enhances your yard and brings both beauty as well as tranquility to your yard.

Design Considerations

There are of course limitations that must be discussed and the design must incorporate. Budget is one area that many consumers are concerned about for both construction and later on for maintenance of your water feature. Our designers will work within your budget to deliver a beautiful pond water feature or one of the other common designs. Maintenance can be all completed by our team, or performed by the home owner or a combination of both. There is a maintenance program that fits every customers needs for budget as well as ability and desire to do their own maintenance on their water feature.

Another design consideration that many people do not consider until the design process gets started is the space to work with. For people without a lot of room, there are pond less waterfalls available which take up less room while still providing a beautiful setting and the tranquil sounds of a waterfall. In some situations customers are concerned about having small ponds with small children present. Pond less waterfalls will provide a safe environment for children and for pets since there is no area for children to fall into. There is no pool of water for them to fall into or standing water.

Maintenance of Water Features

There are some basic steps to follow to ensure that your water feature is kept pristine and operating perfectly. The water quality and PH levels should be monitored and maintained. The water level should be maintained to protect your plants and your equipment. Debris should be removed from time to time. Plants grow, especially when there is lots of water and sunlight. These need to be trimmed or thinned from time to time. Your water feature also needs to be closed in the fall and reopened in the spring. Typically pumps and water level monitoring devices are removed and pipes are drained. All of these tasks can be provided by signing up for a variety of water feature maintenance packages or clients can choose a subset of these packages, whichever makes sense for them.

Can I Have Fish In My Pond

Many customers would like to have fish in their ponds and as the best pond contractor in Calgary, we can design a water feature that accommodates fish in your pond all year long. Water management must be taken into account to ensure that there is an oxygen rich environment with sufficient water in the pond at all times. Water level monitors are installed to automatically keep your pond at the required level. Water PH levels are monitored and the fish will help to keep the water clear by consuming much of the algae that naturally forms in the water due to sunlight and microscopic debris that is in the water. Multi colored fish will add a much greater beauty to your pond providing endless hours of enjoyment.

In cold weather your fish will naturally slow down their movements and their metabolism. They do not eat over the winter months and they need to have clear water that is not frozen. Depending on the depth of your pond you may need to take precautions to ensure that the water does not freeze solid during the winter. A water heater and air bubbler can be installed to accomplish this task and ensure that the water retains sufficient oxygen to keep your fish alive. In the spring these units are removed. At the same time water pumps are reinstalled and the water begins to circulate once again.

Consumers do not want to just hire a contractor to build a water feature. Most customers want a full service contractor who provides the best water feature service in the Calgary area. When you consider the design process, the installation and construction process and a full service maintenance program provided by Water Landscapes Design Calgary, consumers know they are picking the best pond water feature contractor in Calgary! Call us today for an appointment!

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Best Water Features Company in Calgary

The question a lot of home owners ask themselves is “How do they find the best water features company in Calgary?”.  There are several ways, but the tried and true way is to do your due diligence. Talk to several companies, visit sites and talk to other customers, and above all do you have confidence in the company that they will build a water feature that meets your budget and your vision. This can take some work on your part and we are confident that when you complete this due diligence, you will be satisfied that Water Landscapes Design Calgary will deliver the best water features that meet all of your requirements.

Getting Started With Your Water Landscape

The most difficult part of the job for many homeowners can be forming their vision of what their landscape will look like and then deciding who you will have actually design, quote and construct your water landscape.

The folks at Water Landscapes Design Calgary have gone through this process many times and they understand that it can take some time for home owners to arrive at a decision. The first step is to start by setting up an appointment for one of our representatives to visit your home and discuss your ideas and concepts. Using their experience and ideas they can provide you with suggestions and possibly even pictures that match your vision. The process of arriving at a final design can be an iterative one as your vision begins to crystallize.

They can help you chose a location, develop elements that take into account lighting, style, design and the shape and location of your yard. Based on this conversation and your input regarding the design they will then take this information and develop a quote.

Developing a Quote

They will need to take some measurements, estimate the materials and make adjustments that deliver on your vision as well as your budget. The next step is quite important. This is where they create a conceptual design that demonstrates to you what your water feature will look like and is represented by the quote that the team will review with you. This is the first time that you will begin to see what your personal water feature is going to look like.

At this stage many home owners will take some time to think more about the design. Does it match their vision? Is the price that has been quoted reasonable? Do they really have the budget to proceed? Should they ask for an additional quote from another company? They may take time to visit other landscapes that have been constructed and talk to other customers. After all this is a major commitment in terms of money and also after all the work is completed, will they be satisfied with the work.

By the time a quote has been developed, both the customer and our team have committed quite a bit of time to developing this design. By this time, customers have developed a sense of the level of commitment to quality and skill regarding the landscape. They have a sense of how comfortable it is to work with the team and whether they can trust the team to deliver.

Going through this process is really how you know whether you have the best water features company in Calgary. The process and the conceptual design will give you the confidence that you have the best water features company.

The Next Step before Construction Begins

The last step prior to actual construction is when the company comes to your home and using the conceptual design which has been agreed to, maps out the design using ground paint on your lawn. This step meets two objectives quite well. First it provides you the client your first physical idea of where the feature will be on your lawn, the size and the direction of the water flow. It also provides the foreman who will build the water feature an exact layout for your water feature. Once you and the design team agree to the layout, there can be no mistake. It will be constructed in the right location and take up the correct space, meeting all of your expectations.

It is this design process that leads to satisfied customers. They have seen via pictures what similar landscapes and water features look like. They have seen the conceptual design on paper and they have seen where their water feature will be placed on their lawn. Throughout the process the customer has increased their knowledge and confidence about the water feature that will be built. In addition don’t forget to discuss the maintenance packages that are available for your water feature. With a solid design team available to help you achieve your vision for your yard, they complement this service with a solid service team that can provide maintenance all year round for your water feature if desired.

There are a variety of maintenance plans available for customers to choose from. Some customers will enjoy doing their own work while others will take advantage of the annual closing and opening packages. Some will want the maintenance team to monitor their water feature every month. Trimming plants, clearing debris, checking the water quality and making sure that your water feature is in pristine condition are just some of the maintenance that is part of their service packages.

Give them a call today to set up an appointment to discuss your vision for your yard.

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Dealing With Seasonal Water Landscaping in Canada

Water landscapes with pools, streams and even waterfalls are fantastic during the spring, summer and fall, however many people are concerned about the maintenance of these features during the winter months with all of the snow and freezing temperatures that we have to deal with in Alberta, Canada. We felt that it would be helpful to our clients and potential customers if we wrote an article about dealing with these conditions and how easy it is to prepare your water landscape for the winter season. Even if you have fish in your pond, these can be easily accommodated and your fish will survive quite nicely through the winter with the proper preparation.

Preparing your Water Landscape for the Winter

Basically preparation of your water feature is pretty easy and straight forward when it comes to closing down your water landscape for the winter. Typically the water feature should be shut down in late October or early November to avoid any potential for water freezing in the pipes and pumps, damaging the units as a result. It is also a lot easier to work around your water feature when there is no snow on the ground.

The pump and filter should be removed and drained. The automatic water level float should be shut off and removed and all pipes should be drained to avoid water freezing inside them and cracking the pipes during the winter. The pump and other devices can be stored inside where it is dry and if all the water is drained, they can be kept outside in a non heated shed if that is preferable. Most people will store these units in their garage for the winter.

This is also a good time to remove any additional debris and organic matter that might have built up during the summer and fall season. Leaves and twigs often fall into the water landscape from surrounding trees and also plants around the landscape should be trimmed back.  Once all of this work is done your water landscape is ready for the winter unless you have fish in the pond. We have a separate section about maintaining the fish in your pond over the winter time.

Opening your Water Landscape for the Spring and Summer Season

Opening the water landscape is really the reverse of closing. All winter debris needs to be cleaned up before adding water. This is also a good time to rearrange any plants if desired or to add plants if you want to make some changes. Install the pump, filter and raise the water level, install the water float valve and prime the pipes to get everything going.

An inspection of the water liner should also be completed to make sure that there are no leaks anywhere in the rubber liner. These leaks, if there are any can be patched with rubber liner repair kits if needed. Once the water level has been restored and circulating a water quality check should also be completed to make sure that the PH level is within desired limits to promote plant growth and limit algae.

Opening your water landscape can be completed in mid April after all major cold snaps are behind us. Your plants will grow and will begin to attract the birds and animals once again to your yard. Everyday you will see a change as the plants grow and more birds return from southern climates.

Preparing Fish Ponds for the Winter

Backyard water landscape features do not need to have fish in their ponds; however this adds another element to ponds in someone’s backyard that many people like. These fish add a unique feature to many ponds that many customers enjoy. The fish in your pond will survive quite nicely on the algae that grow in your pond and clients can also feed their fish as well. Customers enjoy seeing their fish swim to the surface to feed and splash about the pond in an effort to eat the food that is sprinkled on the surface.

As fall roles around, the water gets cooler and the metabolism of the fish in your pond declines and in fact they should not be fed to avoid harming them later on during the winter. When the pond is closed for the winter season, an aerator should be added to add oxygen to the water and to keep the water from freezing over. Your fish will be in a dormant mode and will move very little and not eat at all over the winter. Depending on the construction of the pond, the depth of the pond, clients may also need to install a small heater in the water to keep the water from freezing. Deeper pools will be fine with just the aerator, while shallower pools will need to have a heater maintain the proper water temperature.

In the spring follow the normal water landscape opening procedure. Remove the aerator and the heater and follow all of the other steps outlined above.

Call for an appointment to have your backyard water landscape designed and a quote prepared. Speak to one of our experts about the type of water landscape feature that you are interested in. They will be happy to assist you in bringing nature into your yard!

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